Ep 4 with Stacey Marie: Can You Make Money From Social Media?

In this episode, I talk to Stacey Marie about social media and find out whether business owners can make money using social media. Find out Stacey's tips on using social media for your business, when you should have it as part of your business strategy, why having a strategy is important and the ways you can make money using social media for your business.

About our guest Stacey Marie:

Stacey Marie is a Digital Business Coach and mentor for mums in business who helps women own their brilliance authentically in the online space, without the mum guilt or burnout. She helps you create strategies for your business that are in complete alignment with your values and mission so you can make an income while also making an impact.

With almost 20 years of experience as a sales coach and people leader in the corporate world, Stacey now blends all that experience with her passion and love for the digital space.

She has championed hundreds of women to own their power and stand up as fierce leaders in the online world.


How to connect with Stacey:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/msstaceymarie_/

Podcast: https://thesocialhubau.com/podcast/

Website: https://thesocialhubau.com/


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