Ep 11 with Bec Dillon-Hensby: The Road to Financial Freedom

In this episode, I talk to Bec Dillon-Hensby about the road to financial freedom. 

Bec is a Money Coach who combines her personal experience with her professional knowledge and studies in financial planning to help women. Listen in for Bec's advice on how to start your journey to financial freedom, what financial freedom really is and the common blocks you may encounter when you start delving into your finances.


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This episode is a great follow on from episode 3 when I talked about organising your personal finances before your business finances. You can listen in to episode 3 here:

Episode 3: Personal Finances before Business Finances


About guest Bec Dillon-Hensby:

Bec Dillon-Hensby is a Money Coach that helps women to live their lives the way that they want to, without money getting in the way.

Bec's foray into the world of finance began out of necessity when she found herself flat broke and having a breakdown in a supermarket aisle.

After much learning, Bec completely transformed her personal finances and wanted to help others to do the same. Bec became a Financial Adviser, working for one of the biggest banks in Australia.

In 2019, Bec launched her business as a Money Coach to help women with the Money Management & Mindset skills they need to be able to live life on their terms - because life's too short to work, pay the bills & repeat.


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