Ep 38: Tax Prep Tips for Small Business and Sole Traders

Season #2

End of Financial Year - Are you Ready?

Learn my top tips for getting organised for the end of this financial year, and set yourself up for a brand new financial year from 01st July. This episode is specifically for small business and sole traders and the information shared will refer only to businesses not registered as a company, where different tax applies.

On the podcast this week I cover:

  • Tax Planning - What is it and why should you do it?
  • How to review your year with and without an accountant (focussed on small business and sole traders)
  • Keeping up with compliance for your business and tax
  • How to become and stay organised through the financial year
  • Important tax dates

Note this podcast is general information only and should not be used as advice specific to your business. You should reach out to an accountant or tax professional for specific tax advice related to your business.


Mentioned in this episode (no affiliate links):

1. Money In Money Out Mini-course with 15% off discount

The course includes a module on Money Owed which is focussed on compliance for businesses, and provides a Compliance Timeline for businesses in their first 1 to 3 years.

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2. Xero Accounting Software

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3. Links to the ATO for further information on tax for small business and sole traders:

ATO - Income, Deductions and Concessions

ATO - Income Tax Returns



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