Helping women in business manage their finances and know their numbers.

Be in control, organised and confident with your business finances.


Understand the financial foundations that really matter to help you grow your business.

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No matter the size of your business, or your experience or knowledge of finances and money management, you will find a resource or a service to help support you here.

Financial Education Resources


Her Money Her Business

Listen to episodes on how to manage your money and finances, reduce financial stress & grow a profitable business that's built to last.

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Mr & Mrs Business

Build your knowledge and access action-driven exercises in our book Mr & Mrs Business, focused on helping you make practical small changes over time. 

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Her Money Her Business

Achieve some quick wins with our video's and articles on improving your business finances and money management, along with our favourite time-saving tips.

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We work with a small number of Australian clients who need their bookkeeping done for them.

Conditions apply including:

For Xero users only

Size and Type of Business

Purchase of the Xero SetUp or Maximiser to ensure your books are in great condition to be outsourced.

Price on Application


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Xero Support

New to Xero? We help you to pick the most suitable Xero package, understand what needs to be setup and train you in the fundamentals of using Xero.

Or maybe you're using Xero but not sure how to make it work well for your business? Xero is more than just a tool for reconciling transactions - it's an amazing business tool when used well.

We know all the ins and outs of Xero and can help you make the most of it, tailored to your business needs.


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Small Business Financials Coaching

Whether it's action, accountability or advice you need, we will cover what best suits where you're at right now in your business and what you need most to better understand and manage your business financials.

You have access in our coaching call/s to my 25-plus years of financials and business experience from running my own small business as a coach and bookkeeper as well as my success in building businesses and mentoring staff in my corporate career.


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Let's get financial!


Hi, I'm Sonja, Bookkeeper and Small Business Financials Coach.

I've been helping business owners with their books, and  understanding their finances and money management since 2016.


Ready to start building the path to business success without the money stress?


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What to Expect - Our Promise To You

Our Mission is to help women in business manage their finances and know their numbers.

Our goal is to deliver support and services that help you achieve this and more.

So here's what you can expect from all that we offer:


We want to share easy to action financial foundations with you so you know what matters when it comes to the money in your business.


We want you to know the money management tips and tools that will help you achieve your goals and actually make a difference to your business.


We know you're here for support to manage the finances in your growing business, so our focus is on giving you education and services so you see results.

Rebecca Lynch

"Sonja is efficient, organised and her knowledge of business and bookkeeping is phenomenal. I would recommend her to anyone running a business"

Jenna Williams

"Blossoming Business has been a great asset to my business. Sonja is punctual, organised and a pleasure to work with"

Daniela Godfrey

"Thank you so much Sonja for helping me to set up Xero and Acuity systems. I’m impressed with your system integration knowledge, clarity and efficiency"

Not sure where to start?  

The Her Money Her Business Podcast is a great resource for short episodes on managing your finances.  

Take a listen to Episode 1: Financial Foundations first:

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Our Mission: To help women in business make finance fun & money matter!