Hi, I'm Sonja, owner of Blossoming Business.


When I left my corporate career in 2014 to have my daughters, I had been working for other people's businesses for over 20 years.

Working across finance, management, operations, sales, training and HR, I gained invaluable skills while turning around unprofitable businesses, and building strong business foundations that created success.

When I opened Blossoming Business in 2016, my vision was to share my knowledge and all I had learnt with business owners to help them build solid foundations to grow from.

Today, my focus is even clearer.

I help women in business build financial confidence, reduce unnecessary financial stress and set up the financial foundations they need to support their growing business. I do this through my education and coaching services, podcast and online resources.

My Story


I’ve always wanted to build my own business but for many years didn’t have the confidence to leave my very well-paid career.  Motherhood allowed me to look at a corporate working life from a whole new perspective.

In 2016 I took a leap of faith while on maternity leave and started a business from home providing business support and bookkeeping services. I’ve never looked back.

Blossoming Business transformed over time into financial education for women building their own business.

Along the way, I discovered while juggling a new business and small children, how important it is to take care of myself as well as I do my business and family. 

I believe it is important through the work I do to encourage women in business to not only master their finances but to also prioritise self-care to create success with less stress.

In 2020, I wrote my first book called 'Mr & Mrs Business - How to Create Success with No Stress' for women in business with their partner.

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