Ep 2 with Emma Franklin-Bell: Why Your Knowledge is Valuable

Season #1

In this episode, I speak to Emma Franklin-Bell about why your knowledge is valuable. Find out how to harness your intellectual property, and use it to create services (and products) that bring money into your business, expand your offerings and allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

About our guest Emma Franklin-Bell:

Emma Franklin Bell is the creator of Manuscript Mastery® – the book writing course for the woman who wants to finally write that book that’s been in her heart for years. Emma is the author of 3 self-published books, 2 podcasts, and several successful online coaching programs. She guides female coaches, creatives and practitioners on how to unearth their intellectual property (IP) weave in stories from their life and write from the heart to develop a truly unique book that inspires and informs readers in their local communities and around the world.

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