Ep 9 with Christine Corcoran: Respecting Your Money

In this episode, I talk to Christine Corcoran about respecting your money. 

Christine is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to money mindset, blocks and working with the energetics of the money in your business. Listen in for Christine's tips on identifying your limiting beliefs around money, the science behind your money blocks and what her own journey has taught her about respecting your money as she built her successful coaching business.


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About guest Christine Corcoran:

Christine Corcoran is a Business Mindset Master Coach, Speaker, Co-Founder of the Rise Up Conference and Creator of The Energetics of Money Program.

She is a qualified Practitioner in Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Matrix Therapies and an MBraining Practitioner with an extensive study of Human Behavioural Profiling, Hypnotherapy and Leadership Coaching.

Christine specialises in doing the deep subconscious work in releasing limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours to set you up with a CEO Mindset and helps you embody the next level version of yourself to achieve the success you deserve.


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