Ep 21 with Jacqui Clarke: Manage Your Money So It Doesn't Manage You

Season #2

Feel like your money is managing you not the other way around? 

In this episode, I talk to author of Stop Worrying About Money, Jacqui Clarke. 

Listen in to the episode to hear more as we talk about:

  •  Why you should understand your personal finances before your business finances
  •  How to look out for and avoid the common reasons 60% of businesses fail in the first 5 years.
  •  How to decide when to take risks in your business for growth

and much more.......

Information on our guest Jacqui Clarke and how you can connect with her:

Instagram Link: Jacqui Clarke

LinkedIn Link: Jacqui Clarke

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Jacqui's Bio:

Jacqui Clarke FCA, FTI, GAICD, JP, author of Stop Worrying About Money (Wiley, $29.95), is a trusted advisor, board member, executor and veteran business executive. As a personal wealth and money management expert and over three decades of experience, 25 years at Deloitte and PWC helping high-net-worth families, individuals and business owners to build, manage and preserve their wealth. Her message is simple: with careful planning and effort, you can manage your money, so it doesn’t manage you. https://www.jacquiclarke.me/


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