Ep 30: Guest Interview with Ros Gervay, Artist and Coach

Season #2

Guest Interview: Everyday Business Heroes Series

On this episode I had the pleasure of talking to artist and coach Ros Gervay.

We discussed the ins and outs of Ros's business and financial journey, how she helps new and rising artists and her advice for anyone building a business.

About Ros Gervay:

Ros Gervay is a business coach for new and rising artists. She helps her clients develop the confidence to show up as an artist, sell their work and master their marketing so they can build a fulfilling art business and get paid to do what they love even if they are self-taught.

Ros is also a modern botanical painter with work in 3 Australian galleries and has first-hand experience in building an art business from scratch and developing it into a 6-figure multiple income stream business that she adores. 

The co-host of the Paint Rest Repeat podcast and a regular columnist for her local magazine, Ros was finalist in the Unearthed Art Prize and has two tertiary degrees in design and teaching.

Not only does Ros walk the talk but she has supported thousands of artists through her free and paid services.


How to Connect with Ros:

Instagram - @rosgervayart

Facebook - @rosgervayart

Facebook Group - @permissiontopaintfreecommunity








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