Ep 32: The 7 Essential Business Basics

Season #2

The 7 Essential Business Basics

Episode 32 is a recap of the 7 Days of Business Basics Series. 

The Back to Basics Series ran this week on the @blossomingbusiness Facebook and Instagram pages.

Each day I talked about 1 of the 7 Business Basics, why it's important, prompts for how to audit if you have the basic in place for your business, and a small action step to use and start implementing if you don't.

This episode is a summary of each day, and talks further about the business basics and provides the action step for each.

The 7 Essential Business Basics are:

1. Admin & Ops

2. Who Are You, What Do You Offer

3. Do People Know About you?

4. Systems, Processes and People

5. Manage Your Money Well 

6. Longevity and Sustainability

7. Future Proofing


Mentioned in this episode:

1. Information on how to create a process mentioned in basic #4 - Systems, Processes and People:

Click for Blog Post: How to Create A Process


2. Money In Money Out Mini-course with 15% off discount

Join the course here: Mini-Course


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