Ep 34: Strategies For Managing Cashflow

Season #2

Strategies for Managing Cashflow

In this episode, the first in a set of episodes about Cashflow, I am discussing the importance of managing your cashflow, the unique challenges for women in business around cashflow and some practical steps you can use today to start improving your cashflow management.

The cashflow topics I cover in this episode are:

1. The cashflow challenges for women in business

2. Practical tips for effective cashflow management

3. Using technology to manage your cashflow

4. Building a financial buffer

5. Mindset for financial empowerment


Mentioned in this episode (no affiliate links):

1. Money In Money Out Mini-course with 15% off discount

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2. Xero Accounting Software

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3. Apps you can add to Xero to help you with cashflow management:



Futrli Predict

Cash Flow Frog


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